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The Caldwell Parish School Board believes it is necessary for all persons to become aware of acceptable use of computers.  Any person using computers or other electronic information resources shall be required to use such equipment and resources in a responsible, legal manner.  The School Board retains the right to monitor all computer usage and files for compliance to all regulations and/or procedures.


The Internet is a vast global computer network that provides access to major universities around the world, governmental agencies, other school systems, and commercial providers of data banks.  The School Board shall establish appropriate guidelines for exploring and using Internet resources within the school district to enhance learning and teaching activities.  The School Board shall incorporate the use of computer-related technology or the use of Internet service provider technology designed to block access or exposure to any harmful materials or information, such as sites that contain obscene, pornographic, pervasively vulgar, excessively violent, or sexually harassing information or material.  Sites which contain information on the manufacturing of bombs or other incendiary devices shall also be prohibited.  However, the School Board does not prohibit authorized employees or students from having unfiltered or unrestricted access to Internet or online services, including online services of newspapers with daily circulation of at least 1,000, for legitimate scientific or educational purposes approved by the School Board.


It shall be the policy of the Caldwell Parish School Board that any use of the Internet that adversely affects its operation in pursuit of teaching and learning or jeopardizes its use or performance for other community members is prohibited and may result in loss of Internet privileges, suspension of the student, or other appropriate disciplinary action.  The School Board does not condone the use of the Internet for any illegal or inappropriate activities and shall not be responsible for any such use by staff or students.  Parents shall be made aware that Internet usage is only partially controllable by supervision.


Students may use the Internet only if under the direct supervision of a teacher or other professional designated by the teacher.  Age and grade appropriate classroom instruction shall be provided regarding Internet and cell phone safety.  Such instruction shall include appropriate online behavior, interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms, and cyberbullying awareness and response, as well as areas of concern as authorized in state and federal law.




The School Board provides access to the Internet to students, teachers, staff and administrators.  The Internet is a very exciting educational tool which can greatly benefit schools.  Research, collaborative learning, and exchange of educational ideas and information are regularly pursued on the Internet.  The School Board believes that there are appropriate regulations to maximize effective educational use of the Internet and minimize abuse of the opportunity being provided to our schools.  Ethical, efficient and legal use of any network is the key to a successful linkage with the Internet.  All users, including students, employees, or any other users of School Board computers, hardware, and School Board network shall abide by all policies of the School Board and any applicable administrative regulations and procedures.


Accordingly, regulations for participation by anyone on the Internet shall include but not be limited to the following:


  1. Users must demonstrate honest, integrity, and respect for others at all times.  Appropriate manners and language shall be required.

  2. To enable use by students and teachers of Google Classroom, a free service provided by Google for presenting activities and lesson content for students online, students in grades 5-12 shall be provided student accounts in Google.  The accounts have email capability restricted to use only within the school system to/from other users in the domain.  Parents shall be notified and allowed to opt-out of the creation of an account in their student’s name.  Student accounts including any messages sent and files created will be monitored for safety and appropriate content.  All users, including students’ and employees’ messages shall be archived perpetually.  Accounts are not private and messages can be accessed if necessary by designated personnel at the district level.  Therefore, only appropriate messages are allowed.

  3. No photographs, personal addresses, personal phone numbers, or last names will be permitted in student use of the Internet.

  4. Illegal activities, including copyright or contract violations shall not be permitted.  The Internet may not be used for financial or commercial gain.

  5. Threatening, profane, or abusive messages shall be forbidden.

  6. No activities shall be allowed which may damage or interrupt equipment or any networking system.

  7. Any attempt to alter, harm or destroy the data of another user of the Internet, or any network on the Internet shall be forbidden.

  8. No user is permitted to upload, or create, a computer virus on the Internet or any networking system.

  9. Resources offered by the Internet and paid for by the School Board may not be willfully wasted.

  10. A user shall not attempt to access any Internet resources or entities not previously authorized by the teacher.

  11. Invading the privacy of another user, or using their account, shall not be tolerated.

  12. Posting personal messages without the author's consent shall be forbidden.

  13. Sending or posting anonymous messages shall be forbidden.

  14. Perusing or otherwise accessing obscene or pornographic material, or using profanity in messages shall be forbidden.

  15. Perusing or otherwise accessing information on manufacturing bombs or other incendiary devices shall be forbidden.

  16. Product advertising, political lobbying, or sending messages involving illegal activities shall not be permitted.  Violations shall be reported to the teacher when evidence of such is encountered on the Internet.

  17. Any subscriptions to list servers, bulletin boards, or on-line services shall be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee prior to any such usage.

  18. When a security problem is detected, it shall be reported immediately to the teacher.  The problem shall not be demonstrated to other users.

  19. Suspension shall automatically result for a user who accesses, sends, receives, or configures electronically any profane or obscene language or pictures.

No one shall be permitted to use the Internet unless a completed Internet Usage Contract has been submitted to the Superintendent or designee.


Revised:  December, 2008

Revised:  November, 2012

Revised:  October 12, 2017



Ref:    20 USC 7131 (Internet Safety)

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Board minutes, 1-13-09, 1-10-13, 10-12-17


Caldwell Parish School Board